Real Estate

Real estate transactions are often the largest and most important purchases in clients’ lives. Real estate and business transactions can be complicated, but they do not have to be. Our firm has significant experience in assisting businesses and individuals in the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties.

If you or your business are involved in a dispute regarding real estate ownership or otherwise, our office can help you resolve the matter. Our firm has decades of experience solving real estate disputes in and out of court. We recognize your need to resolve your problems outside of court to avoid the time and expense of litigation. However, there are times when it is necessary to litigate. Evans Crowe has vast experience in successfully handling complex real estate and business litigation.

We also represent clients in the following real estate matters:

Probate Administration

Estate of Probate Administration.

The Probate process is the method by which your Estate or that of a loved one is transferred to heirs and beneficiaries. If there is a Will or if there is no Will, our firm will guide you to insure the orderly transfer of your Estate assets. We will:

Estate Planning.

Estate planning is one of the most important steps you can take to insure that your property and health care wishes are taken care of. If you, or a loved one, do not have a Will, you should have one. Not only does a Will insure your property is distributed according to your wishes, its existence will make the administration of your estate simpler and less costly. Additionally, estate planning provides guidance for guardianship of your children, if necessary, and avoids unnecessary taxes. (Unfortunately, many people learn this the hard way.) Our office can help you with the following Estate planning tools:

Business and Corporate Formation and Transactions

Business Formation

Our firm assists our clients in forming the appropriate business entity for their businesses. Businesses can be organized in several ways. Our office can advise you as to the most appropriate entity among the following for your business:

Business Transactions

Whether your business is large or small, our office will assist you in running your business while avoiding legal and financial pitfalls. Our office advises business owners on how best to run their companies. We provide clients with a full range of legal services:

Commercial and Civil Litigation and Disputes

The Law Offices of A. Evans Crowe handle all aspects of business litigation. Our firm helps clients succeed at complex and time-consuming business litigation in a cost-effective manner. We have litigated numerous commercial disputes and will help you achieve the best outcome in the following areas of dispute:

Appeals and Appellate Law

Winning or losing at trial does not always mean your case is over. If you prevail at trial, the other party may file an appeal in the Supreme Court of Alabama. And, if you do not prevail, you may want to know if you have grounds to appeal to the Supreme Court.

As a former staff attorney for the Supreme Court of Alabama, Evans Crowe has successfully filed many appeals. Our office can advise you whether an appeal is feasible, and, if so, Evans Crowe can file an appeal on your behalf. If you are considering an appeal or an appeal has been filed by the other party, please contact our office.


Evans was born and raised in Mobile. He earned his undergraduate B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University in 1984.

After graduating from Vanderbilt, Evans lived in Hong Kong and worked for international law firm, CMS Cameron McKenna, LLP.

In 1986, Evans returned to the United States and attended the University of Alabama School of Law, graduating in 1989. While there, Evans won the Dean Thomas Christopher Award for Excellence in Wills and Trusts.

After graduating law school, he was admitted to the Alabama State Bar and served as clerk and staff attorney on the Supreme Court of Alabama for former Justices Gorman Houston and Mark Kennedy.

Evans returned to Mobile in 1991 and entered into private practice for a large, full-service downtown law firm. In 1995, Evans started his own practice and has been helping individuals and businesses with their legal needs ever since.